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The Making of Angewomon

Angewomon has been one of my favourite characters from a cartoon since childhood. The moment I started cosplaying I knew I wanted to take on the task of making her. It was a nervous moment for

me since I wasn't as "fit" as some people would think someone who cosplays Angewomon should be. But I stand for cosplaying the characters you what no matter what! So I started working on her so she would be ready for Fan Expo Vancouver.

When I first started I had no idea where to start. I had never made a helmet or wings so I decided to start with the helmet to test some things out.

I love using worbla so I figured it would be a good material to use to make the helmet durable if it was to drop or fall. I used some painters tape on a wig head to make the pattern for it.

I then sandwiched craft-foam between two pieces of worbla; I did that for both half's before attaching them together. Using one layer of worbla and craft foam I created the detail piece on-top. For the stud details I used some studs, but if you dont have studs you can always roll up up smaller scraps of worbla to make those details. Using the same technique for the wing part of the helmet I attached it all together. Once I had made sure it fit I attached a head band on to make sure

it wouldn't fall off my head. I sadly didn't cut any eye holes in it so I am blind when my helmet is down. After 5 layers of wood glue it gave it a base coat of silver spray paint before painting on details.

For the breast plate I did the same creating it out of worbla and craft foam. After layers of wood glue I spray painted it gold. For attachments I added D-rings on the top and bottom of both sides. To keep it on I had elastic tied through the D-rings to keep it in place.

The sash was something I had a vision for, but was stuck on how I should go about it. After lots of research I had seen how many other cosplayers had made the sash and I decided that I didn't want to make the bottom out of feathers as most did. I bought some organza for the fabric to give it the see-through look I was wanting. I sewed one long piece and then turned it right side out and sewed a channel down both edges to seal in the seam to stop it from fraying apart. The petals were another challenge, as they kept fraying apart. So I put some movies on and got ready for a long night. I cut three different sizes of petals and fray-stopped the edge of every single one of them; I did around a hundred for each side. After I had finished putting fray-stop on all the edged so it wouldn't fray apart, I hand sewed every petal down. I added wire into the channels I had sewn and done! I really enjoyed how it turned out and am very thankful that when I walk around it stays on my arms.


For the body suit I just made a solid white body suit and then just started cutting the cut outs while it was still on making sure I didn't cut more then I wanted to. After cutting one side I just folded it in half and then copied the cut outs onto the other side to make sure both sides where even. For the zippers I drew lines on the body suit while it was still on so I could make sure I knew where the zippers would start and end when the fabric was stretched. The body suit is supposed to be strapless but since I like to pull my wig forward I knew the straps would be cover so left them in so I didn't worry around adding a tight elastic around the top of it. The belts on my legs are faux belts and dont function. They are made out of a stretch vinyl so I can pull them on and off with out loosing the perfect size. For my waist its made out of the same vinyl but for the circle pieces I rolled some worbla since I couldn't find any metal rings that where the thickness I wanted them to be. For the stud details they are functioning snaps.

And finally the wings!!! Oh gosh this was something I wanted a certain way and I didn't know how to get it that way. I realized I didnt want feather wings so I made them out of flattened PVC pipes and glued two layers of foam together. For the back I used 2 sheets of lexan for the structure and added EVA foam floor mats for padding so it wouldn't cut into my back. Each wing is bolted down to my back in 2 places per wing. How the harness stays on is with one strap that is pulled through two holes in the back of my body suit. I then loop one side through a D-ring. I used two heavy duty snaps to make sure it was fully secured. I was happily surprised that I had plenty of movement and the wings stayed and never slipped down once. There are many things about it I wish to fix, but for my first harness I will have to say I am very proud of myself.

This project was a personal project and we sadly do not offer wing commissions or armour pieces. If you have any questions please feel free to send us a message.

Photos of me in cosplay were taken by D.I.S/C Photography

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