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About Forever Dreaming Cosplay

Andrea D. is a costume/fashion designer based out of Burnaby BC. She has been designing and sewing for over 10 years, and graduated from the Art Institute of Vancouver with a diploma in fashion design and merchandising. Growing up in Kamloops BC with a love for anime, manga and comics, she never had a chance to attend an Anime Convention before but always had a desire to attend one.


After graduating from college in Vancouver, her first chance to attend a convention was at Anime Revolution in 2012. Here she put together a Utena Cosplay from the Adolescence of Utena and had an amazing time, and has been cosplaying ever since. Andrea has cosplayed the Demon Hunter from Diablo 3, Samus from Metroid, a Dragon Priest from Skyrim, even Angewomon from Digimon, and many more.

In 2013, Andrea decided she wanted to have a larger part in her Cosplay community, and started hosting panels at conventions. In the beginning, these were simple Q&A panels striving to help people starting out in the community, or story telling panels meant to make people laugh and smile. Since then, she has added panels teaching people to sew, and how to construct different cosplays. 

What's next for Andrea? Opening up small sewing classes to give an opportunity for people who are looking to sew a chance to learn. Her desire for teaching keeps growing and her love for helping the community keeps driving her toward new and better opportunities.

"Sewing isnt as hard or as scary as some people think. Everyone has to start some where. Just take it slow and over time you will realize that its just like anything else; its a skill that takes time and practice." - Andrea D.


Forever Dreaming 


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