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Below is a list of Frequently asked questions, so please read below before messaging us.

I am not local to the lower mainland do you take out of town/country commissions?


Yes, we do take commissions that are not local. We do ask for more time for out town commissions so there is time for fabric sourcing, as well as time for it to be mailed. We take all commissions in CAD dollar so please remember that all prices will need to be converted. 

Are supply and labour all one cost?


No. We cost everything separate. Our labour cost is just based on the work we do. All supplies as separate and we do our best at giving you an estimate on how they will cost but there is no guarantee until the fabrics are sourced and priced. 

Do you do armour or prop commissions?


No we dont but we can direct you to commissions who do. We have tried to do small scale props but we have decided to stick with fabric cosplays, small jewelry, and small accessories. 

Its a month before the convention do you take commissions?


No. We have gotten many requests right before conventions but sadly we will no accept them. The month before the conventions either we are finishing up client work or its the time we take to make our own cosplays. 

Do I have to source my own Fabric, or supplies?


No unless you would rather do it yourself. We do our best to either go shopping with you, or send you photos or samples. There is a $25 sourcing fee we charge for our time. 

Forever Dreaming 


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